Conceptualise, write and produce a Christmas Show to be presented multiple times per day over the 12 days of Christmas at Chadstone.


To elevate the traditional Christmas Show pantomime by incorporating physical theatre, acrobatics, and clowning, and to make the audience active participants in an original Christmas story that both children and adults would enjoy.

The story centred on Santa’s best toy-making elf, Pickles, who had lost his toy-making magic. Could the audience help him rediscover it in time to save Christmas?


The Chadstone Christmas Show ran for 12 consecutive days, with 3-4 x 25 minute performances per day for an audience of 100 – 140 people. Feedback from many families who attended was that it was the best Christmas show they’d ever seen at Chadstone.

The acrobatic elements of the show made it engaging for adults as well as kids, whilst the participatory moments made the kids part of the show.

All proceeds from the show were donated to the Starlight Foundation, with thousands of dollars raised.

District Agency wrote & produced the show and worked with circus directors, choreographers, and performers to deliver it.

We were responsible for all production and technical elements of the show including the stage build, sound and lighting, onsite management, and even made it snow with artificial snow machines – a real highlight of the show.